HVAC System Installation, Maintenance and Repair

It's in the middle of winter, the weather is absolutely freezing and you are shivering all over. You walk inside and suddenly you feel a very relieving warmth. That relief is very likely due to a high quality HVAC system installed in that building you just entered. An HVAC system is a multipurpose system designed to provide Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning to your home or office building. The ultimate objective of the HVAC machine is to deliver well conditioned air to a building as well as control its temperatures.

A good HVAC system should ensure comfort. It does this by stabilizing the temperatures of the building or the designated region within a building. Humans don't like it when the surroundings are too hot or Too Hot and the HVAC prevents the environment from becoming either of those. It should also supply an adequate amount of healthy air. How it does this is by recirculation of the air inside the building, which contains high levels of carbon dioxide and transmitted contaminants, and replaces it with the air from outside. The added health benefits and soothing atmosphere will also increase productivity of workers in an office, because productivity is known to decline when employees work in unsatisfactory conditions.

An HVAC system comprises of air handling equipment and temperature regulators. The air handling equipment is usually centralized, which means that all of the air that enters and exits the building go through the same machines. They blow the air into the building and distribute them through the duct work. It then sucks the “old” air outside through the “return” pipes. The process is repeated continuously so that the building has a constant supply of fresh air.

The temperature regulators, on the other hand, are de-centralized and can be adjusted. This is because different rooms or areas have different temperature needs due to factors such as the amount of people in the room or the temperature-sensitive equipment that is operated within it. In the air conditioner, Heat exchangers and/or a special circulated gas or fluid is used to lower the air temperature that passes through.

All of these units and more have to be regularly serviced and maintained. The temperature regulators at times have to be properly measured against other thermostats to see if they are still accurate. If it is well maintained, then the power that is supplied to the HVAC unit should not trip the circuit breaker. Otherwise, replacing it may prove very costly. Air filters must also be changed. If they are not, the cleanliness and quality of the air that passes through them will deteriorate, which may even cause problems in other parts of the HVAC system. The condensing unit must also be cleaned, which is a role that requires professional training and should not otherwise be tampered with. The air vents should also remain clear at all times. These maintenance duties, if not performed when necessary, may cause your HVAC system to behave strangely such as heating the building when it is already hot outside, producing foul smells through the vents, or even cause power outages, which may need expensive repair costs. It is thus recommended that professionals are enlisted to perform routine checks and maintenance works to avert these problems and save you the headaches- and costs.

HVAC System Installation, Maintenance and Repair

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