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Bessemer Alabama Service Area

This is a city located in the South West of Birmingham in the Jefferson County of Alabama in the Unites States of America. It covers an area of about 105.6 Square Kilometers. Being situated in the ore and limestone district of Alabama, this means that Bessemer was founded predominantly as a mining city, but the ore has since been depleted save for coal that is still being mined in the North and the West part of the city. The city is characterized by hot and humid summers and have winters that are generally mild to cool, this type of climate could be summarized as a subtropical climate. The population of the city of Bessemer as of the year 2013 was projected to have been around 27,053 occupants with a density of about 727.3/sq mi that is equivalent to 281/sq km. The city is ran by a mayor under a mayor-city council system of governance whereby, the council is made up of seven members that are elected from single member districts.

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Alabama Cooling and Heating is licensed by the State of Alabama Board of Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors.

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Alabama Cooling and Heating
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In the Bessemer location   of Alabama Cooling and Heating, we specialize in installation, service, repair, maintenance, and more in Air Conditioning (A/C), furnaces, heaters and heat pumps. We are able to advise you on unit replacement versus repair costs, reliability and energy efficiency. Ask us how to put a new system on our utility bill either gas or electric.

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