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Gardendale is another of the United State city that is located in the Jefferson County in the state of Alabama. It covers roughly an area of 17.9sq/mi which is equivalent to 46.5 sq/km. As of 2013, when the last count was conducted, there were about 13,735 inhabitants with a density of 766.5/sq mi or 295/sq km. Served by two major highways, this city is highly characterized by hilly and rocky terrains that have deep ravines. The climate at Gardendale is majorly dry in that there is little rainfall throughout the year with an average of about 17.5 degrees Celsius and rainfall of about 381mm annually. Economically speaking, Gardendale is not a good performer seeing that the median income for families around Gardendale is approximately $60,244 and the median incomes for these families is about $79, 044. The per capita income for the city is around $30,748 and about 1.9%of all families and 3.5% of the whole of the population of the entire city are currently living below the poverty line. The system of Governance at Gardendale uses the mayor/council form of governance that includes about five members that hails from five geographic districts.

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Alabama Cooling and Heating is licensed by the State of Alabama Board of Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors.

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We specialize in installation, service, repair, maintenance, and more in Air Conditioning (A/C), furnaces, heaters and heat pumps. Our Gardendale office will help you on obtaining a new Heating and Air system and can show you how, through us to put it on your Alagasco or Alabama Power utility bill. Call us today concerning replacement or service.

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