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Alabama Cooling & Heating

Servicing the entire Birmingham area, we Install, Maintain & Repair Air Conditioning (A/C), Furnaces, Heaters & Heat Pumps.

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Family Owned & Operated

Established in 1992, Alabama Cooling & Heating has been proud to Install, Maintain & Repair Air Conditioning (A/C), Furnaces, Heaters & Heat Pumps, in the Birmingham area, for over 20 years. We look forward to serving you.

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Air Conditioning Sales & Service (Installation, Maintenance & Repair)

Prepare For Summer's Heat,
Before Summer Gets too Hot.

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In Birmingham call: (205) 956-4328

Rheem RSPL (2 - 5 Ton) Classic SeriesThe time to prepare for the heat of summer, is before the heat gets here. Whether building a new home or replacing a broken/inefficient unit, buying the right Cooling System has become extremely complicated. New Air Condition units are very high tech and if you don't make the right choice, efficiency and your MONEY will fly out the window.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) is rating scale from 10 to 16. A higher SEER, translates into longer warranties and lower utility/repair bills, but will require a larger investment. A lower SEER, translates into a lower initial cost, but will have shorter warranties and are cost a lot more to run. Most times, a lower SEER will mean a significantly smaller Energy Star Rebate (if it qualifies at all).


Better Air Conditioning units often come with longer manufacturer warranties for parts and labor. Some Air Conditioning units can have up to 10-year parts and labor warranties, through the manufacturer. This means a manufacturer will pay parts and labor, for up to 10 years. Some manufacturers will allow a warranty to be transferred, for a small fee.

Alabama License #: 88156

Maintenance, Repair & Service
of Your Air Conditioning (A/C)

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In Birmingham call: (205) 956-4328

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning works best when it receives professional care and is regularly maintained. Care and Maintenance have a direct impact on energy efficiency, reliability and the operational cost, of your Air Conditioning System.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning units are complex systems. After years of performance, they all will eventually break down. If you live in Birmingham and your A/C suffers an untimely demise, our Air Conditioning Technicians are only a phone call away.

Finance A New Air Condition (A/C) Unit Today

Financing May Be Available
For Those Who Qualify

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In Birmingham call: (205) 956-4328

AL #: 88156

Authorized Rheem Dealer

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Accepted Payment Methods:

Cash, Check, Discover, Mastercard & Visa are Accepted. Financing may be available, for those who qualify.

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Wow, Richard came out the same day we called with a smile and a sprint and had our problems fixed in a few minutes for a fair reasonable price! We cannot thank Alabama Cooling & Heating enough.

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I have referred several people to this company and all of them have been very pleased. They all say that the employees were efficient and clean. They also were there to do there work and did not attempt to just make a sale. Great company to deal with.